What is Pathwatch?

Pathwatch is the Ramblers app and webpage designed to protect and celebrate paths and  improve the walking experience of walkers in Britain. We’ll use the information you record to campaign and find long-term solutions to protect our paths. We’ll also look at all the path and access problems reported and work with local authorities to see what can be done.

How can I get involved?

Send us reports through our app or web page. We know Pathwatch isn't perfect yet - but we really want to make it the best it can be. The more people using Pathwatch the better, and any donations and funding goes a long way towards making the app and website a robust and smooth system for Britain's walkers.

What’s the difference between The Big Pathwatch and Pathwatch?

The Big Pathwatch was a mass survey project to understand the state of as many rights of way in England and Wales. It ended in late 2015 and gave us the biggest picture of the footpath network we've ever had. But that's not the end. We recognise that there needs to be an easy way to report features from walks - so we tweaked our systems and launched Pathwatch; a simple way for you to report path features straight to us as Britain's walking charity.  Scotland wasn’t involved in the original project but we are now extending the app to cover all of Great Britain, although this is a pilot project to gather information about walking north of the border at this stage.

How are you informing authorities about what I report?

We'll use the information gathered to promote the best of British walking, and work closely with local authorities to try and resolve any problems. All negative features will be sent on to local authorities in England and Wales. In Scotland we’ll use your feedback to build up a national picture of the experience of walkers and work in partnership with landowners and others to identify issues when appropriate.

What happens with the positive features I report?

We want to hear about the good stuff too! We may use positive features to campaign, showcase the fantastic features on paths, and demonstrate to local authorities the positive features in their areas.

How do I send reports anonymously?

You need to make sure you are not logged in. If you are logged in, hit sign out in the top right hand corner. Then, at the login screen for Pathwatch online, click the 'Report anonymously' option.

How do I edit features I’ve reported?

Simply return to the 'Report It' tab and find previous features you have reported on the map. They will be visible as yellow circles. Click on one to view and edit some information. Note that some features will not be editable, for instance negative features that have already been sent on to local authorities in England and Wales

What happened to the features I reported during The Big Pathwatch?

We took all of that information and created a comprehensive report that has been sent to all local authorities in England and Wales. As The Big Pathwatch is now over, we've removed these features from your history to avoid confusion.

Why do I need to register to use the app?

When we designed the original app, the registration process was a key part of the Big Pathwatch allowing individual users to adopt squares and keep a record of their reported features. We've retained this so that you can build a history of what you report. If you wish to report anonymously, you can do so in the online version of Pathwatch.

Can I install the app on multiple devices?

Yes. You can use the app on various different devices. You may be asked to login each time you switch devices however.

Why can’t I see what I reported on the website on the app?

Unfortunately our limited funding has not allowed for this added functionality. Anything you report via the app can be seen in your online account, but not vice versa. Please consider supporting Pathwatch as we strive to improve the system for all.